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Adhesives in the Binding Process

..."A Glimpse into the World of Glue Proves Consultation is the Key" - Fugitive glue, removable glue, and remoistenable glue.

..."Judging a Book by More than it's Cover" - Choosing the appropriate glue for perfect binding, stress testing.

..."Thread Sealing Aids in Perfect Binding Process" - The need for advanced adhesives has never been more evident.

..."The Wonders of PUR Glue" - Discussion of PUR glue, its affect on the industry, advancements, when to use, costs, etc.

..."Adhesives in the Finishing Process: Part I" - Overview of fugitive and removable glue, when to use, their specific properties, how to select the appropriate adhesive for a given job.

..."Adhesives in the Finishing Process: Part II" - Overview of remoistenable and resealable glue, continued discussion of the importance in selecting the appropriate adhesive.

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