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Bindery and finishing equipment can be finicky about paper types and weights. Here are some general guidelines for just a few of the processes we offer:

Miniature Folding
The more folds in the piece, the lighter the paper weight should be. 25 lb. bible stock is not unheard of, 50 lb. offset should be the maximum.

Remoistenable Glue Application
The smoother the finish, the better the glue holdout.

Film Lamination
6 pts. or heavier.

Perfect Binding

Grain parallel to spine for text and cover. Single leaves should not be less than 60 lb. offset (.0042), 4-page signature not less than 40 lb. offset. Placement of single leaves and small signatures should be between two signatures and not adjacent to cover.

If the process you're interested in isn't shown here, or if you're uncertain, contact your Sales-Service Representative at 1-800-326-0300.

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