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Walk-off - In lithography, the failure of part of an image to adhere to the metal plate during printing.

Warm color - In printing, a color which is on the reddish side.

Wash up - To clean ink from rollers, fountains, an other components of a press.

Washup - Removing printing ink from a press, washing the rollers and blanket. Certain ink colors require multiple washups to avoid ink and chemical contamination.

Waste - A term for planned spoilage.

Water fountain - Reservoir on a press to hold fountain solution.

Waterless printing - In offset, printing on a press using special waterless plates and no dampening system.

Watermark - A distinctive design created in paper at the time of manufacture that can be easily seen by holding the paper up to a light.

Wax engraving - In letterpress platemaking, a method of engraving or impressing lines or type in wax, thereby creating a mold which can be electrotyped. Used for ruled forms.

Web - A roll of paper used in web or rotary printing.

Web break - Break in paper running through a web press, causing production to stop.

Web offset - An offset press in which the paper is fed from a roll and printed on both sides in one continuous web as opposed to sheet-fed presses.

Web Press - A printing press that prints onto a continuous sheet of paper, fed from a large roll (called a web). Web presses print much faster than sheet-fed presses.

Web tension - The amount of pull or tension applied in the direction of travel of a web of paper by the action of a web-fed press.

Web - A roll of printing paper.

Weight - See Basis weight (of paper).

Wet strength - A measure of the physical strength properties of paper when saturated with water expressed in terms of wet tensile strength, wet bursting strength etc.

Wetting agent - Chemical agent used to overcome the reluctance of a liquid to spread over the surface of a dissimilar material by reduction of the surface tension of the liquid.

White space - Designer term referring to non-image area that frames or sets off copy.

Widow - In composition, a single word in a line by itself, ending a paragraph; frowned upon in good typography.

Window - A cut out area in a carton that reveals the contents therein.

Window adhesive - An adhesive used to bond various types of window films to a carton, enabling the interior of the carton to be seen.

Window - Block of masking material on a mechanical that shows position of a photograph or other visual element. Also, an area cut out of masking material.

Wipe-on plate - In offset-lithography, a plate on which a light-sensitive coating is wiped on or applied with a coating machine.

Wire side - That side of a sheet of paper or paperboard which was formed in contact with the wire of the paper machine during the process of manufacture.

Wire-O Binding - A type of spiral binding comprising a double set of wire loops inserted into punched or drilled holes along the binding edge of a set of pages.

Wire-O - Trade name for method of mechanical binding using double loops of wire.

With the grain - Folding or feeding paper into the press or folder parallel to the grain of the paper.

Woodcut - An illustration in lines of varying thickness, cut in relief on plank-grain wood, for the purpose of making prints.

Word processor - A typewriter connected to a computerized recording medium to input, edit and output data.

Work and tumble -To print one side of a sheet of paper, then turn the sheet over from gripper to back using the same side guide to print the second side.

Work and turn - To print one side of a sheet of paper, then turn the sheet over from left to right and print the second side. The same gripper and plate is used for printing both sides.

Work order - Form used by printing companies to specify and schedule production of jobs and record the time, materials, and supplies that each job requires to complete.

Working film - Graphic arts negatives still loose or not composited.

Wove finish - Relatively smooth finish on paper achieved by moderate calendering.

Wove paper - Paper having uniform unlined surface and a soft, smooth finish.

Wraparound plate - In rotary letterpress, a thin, one-piece relief plate which is wrapped around the press cylinder like an offset plate. Can be used for direct or indirect (offset) printing.

Wrinkles - Creases in paper occurring during printing. In inks, the uneven surface formed during drying.

Wrong font - In proofreading, the mark "WF" indicates a letter or figure of the wrong size or face.

Wrong reading - Image that is backwards compared to the original.

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