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Vacuum frame - In platemaking, a vacuum device for holding copy and reproduction material in contact during exposure.

Varnish - A thin coating applied after printing, used for esthetic reasons or to protect the printed surface. Varnish can be either matte or gloss and can be applied to either all of the surface or to a portion (“spot varnish”).

Vehicle - In printing inks, the fluid component which acts as a carrier for the pigment.

Vellum finish - In papermaking, a toothy finish which is relatively absorbent for fast ink penetration.

Velox - Kodak trade name for high-contrast photographic paper. Also refers to a positive made by contact printing a negative to such paper.

Verso - The left-hand page in an open book, usually bearing the even page number.

Vignette - An illustration in which the background fades gradually away until it blends into the unprinted paper.

Vignette halftone - Halftone whose background gradually fades into white.

Vinylbind - Treatment for paperback books. The cover is removed, reinforce and laminated. The contents are fan glued and cased into the cover.

Viscosity - The resistance of a fluid to flowing freely caused by friction of its molecules.

Volatile - Easily passing from a liquid into a gaseous state. Subject to rapid pressure at room temperature.

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