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Ultrabind - Bound with an automated machine which sands, notches and fan glues. Requires a 3/8" gutter, covers must not be high gloss, foldouts must not return into the gutter, and volume must be between 1/2 - 2" thick.

Ultraviolet Light (UV) - Invisible, high energy light made up of wavelengths that are shorter than those of visible light.

Uncoated Paper - The basic paper, produced on the papermaking machine with no coating operations.

Undercolor removal - Technique of making and printing color separations that minimizes amount of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink in shadow areas.

Undercut - In printing presses, the difference between the radius of the cylinder bearers and the cylinder body, to allow for plate (blanket) and packing thickness.

Underrun - Production run of fewer copies than the amount specified.

Under-run - Production of fewer copies than ordered. See over run.

Undersized Stitching - Automated saddle stitching can be as small as 3" x 3-7/8" one-up and 3" x 3" two-up. At Specialties we've stitched products as small as 1-1/2" x 2" with offline trimming.

Unit - In multicolor presses, refers to the combination of inking, plate and impression operations to print each color. A 4-color press has 4 printing units each with its own inking, plate and impression functions.

Up - In printing, two-up, etc., refers to imposition of materials to be printed on a larger size sheet to take advantage of full press capacity.

UV Coating - A thin, plastic-like coating applied to either all, or a portion (“spot UV”) of a paper surface after printing (for esthetic reasons or to protect the printed surface). The UV coating finish can be either matte or very glossy.

UV ink - Solventless ink that is cured by UV radiation.

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