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O.D. - outside diameter.

Oblong - In binding, a booklet or catalog bound on the shorter dimension.

OCR - Acronym for Optical Character Reader; a device that allows a computer to read printed or written information.

Off loading - Relieving the intensive amount of data processing associated with a specific application (i.e. graphics) from the CPU, by performing those calculations in a dedicated or specialized processor.

Off-press proofs - Proofs made by photomechanical or digital means in less time and at lower cost than press proofs.

Offset - See set-off.

Offset lithography - Printing process which utilizes a planographic plate and oil base ink. Water rolled on the plate moistens the non-printing area repelling the ink so that it adheres only to the image area. Ink is then transferred (offset) to a rubber blanket which, in turn, transfers the ink to the material being printed.

Offset paper - Alternate term often used for Uncoated book paper

Offset powder - Fine powder sprayed on freshly printed sheets to prevent transfer of wet ink as they accumulate in the delivery stack.

Offset printing - Method of lithographic printing that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket, then from the blanket to paper.

Offset - 1. An indirect printing method in which ink is applied to the raised areas of a printing plate, then transferred to a blank rubber plate (a “blanket”) which then transfers the final image to the paper of similar surface. 2. The ink smudges created when wet ink transfers from one printed sheet onto the next sheet in a stack.

Offsetting - Using an intermediate surface used to transfer ink. Also, an unpleasant happening when the images of freshly printed sheets transfer images to each other.

Ok sheet - Final approved color inking sheet before production begins.

Oleophillic - Oil receptive.

Oleophobic - Oil repellant.

Opacity - The amount of show-through on a printed sheet. The more opacity or the thicker the paper the less show-through. (The thicker/heavier the paper the higher the cost.)

Opalescent Finish - A pearlized finish.

Opaque ink - An ink that conceals all color beneath it.

Opaque - Non-transparent; not allowing light to pass through. May refer to paper or printing inks.

Open die - Having open cavity.

Open web - Web press without a drying oven. thus unable to print on coated paper.

Optical brightener - A chemical added to paper or coating during their manufacture to improve the brightness or whiteness.

Orthochromatic - Photographic surfaces insensitive to red but sensitive to ultraviolet, blue, green, and yellow rays.

Ota-Bind - The original lay-flat process-OTABIND, available at Bindagraphics-remains the best, and as a patented process, enjoys legal protection: a publisher, printer or binder not licensed by OTABIND can face legal action if they use the term in marketing their imitation process.

Outline halftone - Halftone in which background has been removed to isolate or silhouette an image.

Overall Print - Covering an entire surface with ink.

Overhand cover - A cover larger in size than the pages it encloses.

Overlay - In artwork, a transparent covering over the copy where color break, instructions or corrections are marked. Also, transparent or translucent prints which, when placed on the other, form a composite picture.

Overlay proof - An off-set press color produced with four dyed or pigmented overlay films.

Overprint - To print over a previously printed image.

Overrun or overs - Copies printed in excess of the specified quantity. (Printing trade terms allow for + - 10 % to represent a completed order.)

Overs - Printed pieces in an overrun.

Overset - In composition, type in excess of space needs in publications.

Oversewn - Groups of pages are sewn together with the needles set at an angle, so that each new group is sewn onto the previous one..

Oversized Stitching - The maximum loop for saddle stitching is 19" (with 20" backbone length). Specialties has 8 stations with oversized saddle stitcher.

Ozalid - A name of a company that markets diazo process products and equipment that makes diazo blueline prints used primarily in the US by engineering and architectual firms. However diazo or "Ozalid" proofs are most often used in England, other European, Hong Kong, Korean, and Singapore by printers as the proofing means comparable to our Dylux, or Blueline proof.

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