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Negative space - Alternate term for White space.

Negative - Characteristic of an image on film or paper in which blacks in the original subject are white or clear and whites in the original are black or opaque. Also, piece of film on which negative image appears.

New case - When the existing binding is retained, sewing on new endsheets and casing into a new cover. Also new case-end sheets only.

Newsprint - Paper made mostly from groundwood pulp and small amounts of chemical pulp; used for printing newspapers.

Newton rings - Rainbow effect seen when film to film or film to plate are in tight contact under a glass surface such as a vacuum frame.

Nicking die - Nicks that are put into cutting knives to produce occasional breaks in a continuous line of cutting so that there will be enough stock left uncut to hold the sheet together for delivery purposes.

Non-image area - Portion of mechanical, negative, or plate that will not print.

Non-reproducing blue. Light blue color that does not record on graphic arts film, therefore may be used to write instructions on mechanicals.

Nonvolatile - That portion of a material which does not evaporate at ordinary temperatures.

Notch Binding - The gouging of grooves (commonly 1/4" wide) in the spine of a book block to facilitate the penetration of adhesive during subsequent perfect binding.

Notcher - A bench tool used to make a bridge or notch in steel rule. Synonymous with bridger.

Notches - Indentations in the bottom of rotary cutting rule to facilitate curving of the rule to conform with the die cylinder.

Notching - Cutting out a section on the back edge of rule to fit over a bridge left in the dieboard. Bridging sometime used interchangeably.

Novelty printing - Printing on products such as pencils, balloons, and ashtrays.

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