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Kerning - The spacing of a certain combination of letters in typography where each character overlaps into some of the space of the other character for an improved appearance. It is provided with typesetting and desktop publishing systems.

Key plate - In color printing, the plate used as a guide for the register of other colors. It normally contains the most detail.

Key - To code separate pieces of copy to a layout or mechanical using a system of numbers or letters.

Keyboard - The input device to input information directly into a typesetter, computer, workstation or, as a stand-alone unit, to record it on paper or magnetic tape.

Keyline - In artwork, an outline drawing of finished art to indicate the exact shape, position and size for such elements as half-tones, line sketches, etc.

Keys - Screws on an ink fountain that control ink flow.

Kicker - Additional colors used as an overprint on a black background to enhance the richness. Frequently utilizing a stayback on additional colors. Usually 30% or 40% blue.

Kill fee - Charge made by writers and photographers for work done on assignment, then not used.

Kilobyte (KB) - 1,000 bytes.

Kiss contact (Kiss impression) - The lightest possible impression which will transfer the film of ink from the transfer roll to the plate and from the plate to the material being printed.

Kiss Cutting - Die cutting process where the die strike depth is controlled down to the release liner, but not through it. For example, pressure sensitive labels in roll form. The usable product is left on the roll and the matrix is removed.

Knife-edged die - Ground sharp.

Knifing - The function of cutting, notching, bending, and inserting the rule into the die board.

Knock out - To mask out an image.

Knockout - A reverse image on printing background leaving that area white on paper.

Knockout film. Alternate term for Masking material such as Rubylith.

Kraft - A paper or board containing unbleached wood pulp (brown in color) made by the sulfate process.

Kraft paper - A high strength paper made of sulphate fibre pulp. An alkaline process of pulp manufacture. Made on a fourdrinier machine from virgin pine fibers.

Kromekote - Champion Paper Company trade name for a high-gloss, cast-coated paper.

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