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Jig die or Jigged die - Solid piece of plywood where the pattern is cut with a jigsaw blade and the steel rule is inserted into this cut.

Jig saw - A reciprocating saw used to make "jigged" cutting dies.

Jigging - The art of jig-sawing.

Job shop - Commercial printing company.

Job ticket - Comprehensive job information form containing all pertinent job requirements including size, run, paper, color, etc.

Jog - To straighten or align sheets of paper in a stack.

Joint - The part of the cover which forms the hinge, between the board and the shoulder of the volume.

Joint manufacturer's construction - The "joint" is that part of box where box manufacture joins body of box together by taping, stitching, gluing, etc.

Journal - In binding, a title which is usually made up of several issues or numbers. Also known as periodicals, magazines or serials.

Justify - In composition, to space out lines uniformly to the correct length.

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