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I.D. - Inside diameter.

Idiot tape - In computerized photosetting, raw, unhyphenated, unjustified paper or magnetic tape.

Illustration - A pictorial representation of a drawing, logo, symbol, figure, diagram, etc., to be reproduced as a printed image.

Image - The area of a plate which prints or reproduces.

Image area - Portion of a negative or plate corresponding to inking on paper; portion of paper on which ink appears.

Image assembly - Alternate term for Stripping.

Imagesetter - In computer imaging, a device that outputs type, line art and photos in position.

Imposition - The laying out of pages in a press form so that they will be in the correct order after the printed sheet is folded.

Impression - In printing, the pressure of type, plate or blanket as it comes in contact with the paper.

Impression cylinder - In printing, the cylinder on a printing press against which the paper picks up the impressions from the inked plate in direct printing, or the blanket in offset printing.

Imprint - Added printing to previously printed copy such as version changes, requiring an additional unit or pass on the press.

Independent single facer - A machine that fastens fluted corrugated medium to a single sheet of linerboard.

Index paper - Light weight board paper for writing and easy erasure.

Indicia - Postal permit information printed on objects to be mailed and accepted by USPS in lieu of stamps.

Infrared light - Refers to infrared rays, the longer wave length below the red in the spectrum; used as source of heat.

In-house - On the premises.

Ink fountain - In printing presses, the device which stores and supplies ink to the inking rollers.

Ink Holdout - A characteristic of paper that keeps the ink on the surface, preventing it from being absorbed into the paper’s fibers and minimizing dot spread (similar to dot gain), resulting in a sharp, clean printed image. Coated papers generally have good ink holdout.

Ink jet - Method of printing by spraying droplets of ink through computer-controlled nozzles.

Ink mist - Flying filaments or threads formed by long inks like newspaper ink.

Inkjetting - A type of nonimpact printing process, used most frequently in computer output devices, that utilizes tiny droplets of highly fluid ink that are given an electric charge. During printing, these droplets are sprayed in a continuous fashion towards the substrate.

Inkometer - An instrument for measuring the tack of printing inks.

In-plant printer - Department of an agency, business, or association that does printing for the parent organization.

Insert die - A cutting die with removable portions and sometimes other portions that can be substituted for this removed piece to change the cutting or scoring configuration.

Insert - In bindery and finishing, an insert is one printed signatures that has another signature wrapped around it. Insert also refers to any preprinted page or set of pages that are placed into seperately printed publication. Examples of inserts are advertising supplements, maps or foldouts.

Intaglio - An engraved or etched design which is below the surface as cells in an anilox roll or gravure cylinder.

Integral proof - Color proof of separation negatives exposed in register on one piece of proofing paper.

Interface - To link two or more electronic devices so they can function as one unit.

International Standards Organization (ISO) - The publisher of International Standards. ISO is a federation of national standards bodies which promotes the development of standardization in all fields except electrical and electrical engineering.

Internegative - Negative made from a transparency for the purpose of making photographic prints.

IR coating - Liquid laminate coating bonded and cured with infrared light.

ISBN - International Standard Book Number assigned by the book's publisher using a system administered by the R. R. Bowker Company in New York City.

ISSN - International Standard Serial Number assigned by the Library of Congress in Washington DC to magazines, newsletters, and other serials requesting it.

Italic - The style of letters that slant, in distinction from upright, or roman, letters. Used for emphasis within the text.

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