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Hairline register - Register within ± ¸ row of dots.

Hairline - Very thin line or gap about the width of a hair: 1/100 inch.

Halation - In photography, a blurred effect, resembling a halo, usually occurring in highlight areas or around objects.

Half web - Web press whose width and cutoff allow printing eight 8 1/2 x 11 pages on one press sheet.

Halftone - The reproduction of continuous-tone images, through a screening process, which converts the image into dots of various sizes and equal spacing between centers.

Halftone dots - Dots that by their varying sizes create the illusion of shading or a continuous-tone image.

Halftone photography - The process of converting photographs into halftone dots for printing.

Halftone screen - Piece of film containing a grid of lines that breaks light into dots as it passes through.

Halo Effect - The piling up of ink at the edges of the printed letters and halftone dots, especially in letterpress printing.

Hammer die - Same as mallet die.

Hand Fan - The material is fan glued by hand. Used for items less than 1/2" or greater than 2".

Hand feed - To feed material (sheets) by hand.

Hand made sample - Fabricated by hand as "pilot model".

Handwork - Any work done by hand; patching, tooling, outlining, etc.

Hard bind - Alternate term for Case bind.

Hard copy - The permanent visual records of the output of a computer or printer. Also, the material sent to a typesetter in typed form, for conversion into typeset material.

Hard cover - Bound with a case of binder's board.

Hard dot - See soft dot.

Hard proof - A proof on paper or other substrate as distinguished from a soft proof which is an image on a VDT screen.

Hardening - Heat treatment of bent and welded forged dies; heat treatment of soft, bent steel rule.

Hardness - Referring to the range of tempering available in finished forged dies, pre-finished flex die steel and in selected steel rules.

Hardware - Computer and peripherals as distinguished from software which is a program for operating hardware.

Head - The top of a page or book, film, photo, etc.

Head margin - The white space above first line of a page.

Head stops - Adjustable posts on register unit of a press that properly position leading edge of a sheet.

Heat Activated - Thermo-plastic adhesive film is usually heated so bonding can be accomplished before it cools back to room temperature.

Heat plate - Surface for thermo-setting.

Heatset - Process of drying ink on paper by use of heater and gas ovens.

Heat-set web - Web press equipped with oven to make ink dry faster, thus able to print coated paper.

Height (of a book) - The vertical dimension of a book as it sits upright on its tail.

Height of cutting knives - No standard height–varies generally from .918" to 2.000".

Hickey - A defect, or spot appearing in the printed piece. Hickies are caused by dust, lint or bits of ink skin and show up as specks surrounded by a halo effect.

High contrast - Few or no tonal gradations between dark and light areas.

High die - Die made higher than standard cutting rule heights. A forged heat treated die, also referred to as a dinker or walker die, normally over the height of 1-1/4" made of 1/8" through ¼" thick steel.

High folio - All pages falling behind the centerspread of a form.

High-bulk paper - Paper made relatively thick in proportion to its basis weight.

Highlight - The lightest or whitest parts in a photograph represented in a halftone reproduction by the smallest dots or the absence of dots.

Hinge - A paper or cloth stub or guard that permits the free turning of an insert, leaf, section, or map.

Holding fee - Charge made to clients who keep photograph longer than agreed to.

Holdout - In printing, a property of coated paper with low ink absorption which allows ink to set on the surface with high gloss. Papers with too much holdout cause problems with set-off.

Honing - A mechanical method used to remove unwanted image areas from plate by rubbing image away with an abrasive material.

Hot melt adhesive - A solid adhesive used in carton forming, which when heated to its application temperature becomes liquid. After application, the adhesive quickly cools and bonds to the substrate.

Hot metal composition - Cast metal type set either by hand or in a linecasting machine.

Hot Stamping - Using pressure and heat to melt foil onto a surface in a desired shape (such as the shape of an image). This can be combined with embossing to create a sculptured effect. This effect does not always work with all papers because they may prevent foil from sticking to certain papers.

Hotmelt Glue - Hotmelt glue are used in traditional perfecting binding.

House sheet - General-use paper ordered in large quantities and kept in stock by a printer.

Hue - In color, the main attribute of a color which distinguishes it from other colors.

Hydraulic press - Force or action derived from hydraulic cylinders.

Hydrophilic - Water receptive.

Hydrophobic - Water repellent.

Hypo - An abbreviation for sodium thiosulfate, or sodium hyposulfite, a chemical used to fix the image on a photographic film after it has been developed.

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