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Edition bind - Alternate term for Case bind.

Elasticity - The property of substance which enables it to return to its original size or shape after being stretched or deformed.

Electronic dot generation (EDG) - A method of producing halftones electronically on scanners and prepress systems.

Electronic image assembly - Assembly of new image from portions of existing images or elements using a computer.

Electronic memory - Disk, magnetic tape, or other memory device that holds digital information.

Electronic page assembly - Assembly and manipulation of type, graphics, and other visual elements on a computer screen.

Electronic publishing, Publishing by printing with a computer-controlled photocopy machine.

Electronic retouching - Using a computer to enhance or correct a scanned photograph.

Electrophotography - Image transfer systems used in copiers to produce images using electrostatic forces. Electrofax uses a zinc oxide coating: Xerography uses a selenium surface.

Electrotype - Duplicate relief plate used for letterpress printing.

Elliptical dot - In halftone photography, elongated dots which give improved graduation of tones particularly in middle tones and vignettes–also called chain dots.

EM - In composition, the square of a type body. So named because the letter "m" in early fonts was usually cast on a square body.

Emboss - The process of creating raised letters or shapes on paper using a metal or plastic die. An embossed surface will have a textured feeling.

Embossed finish - Paper with a raised or depressed surface resembling wood, cloth, leather or other pattern.

Embossing - Impressing an image in relief to achieve a raised surface; either overprinting or on blank paper (called blind embossing).

Embossing Die - Engraved or cast.

Embroidery - Decorative needlework, used to customize ribbon or bags.

Emulsion to emulsion - To contact printing of photographic films or film to plates, emulsion is exposed to a light source.

Emulsion - Light sensitive coating found on printing plates and film.

EN - One-half the width of an em.

Enamel - A term applied to a coated paper or to a coating material on a paper.

Enamel paper - Alternate term for Coated paper with gloss finish.

End papers - The sheets which attach the textblock to the covers.

English Finish - A grade of book paper with a smoother, more uniform surface than machine finish.

Engraver - Person who makes a plate for engraving. Also may refer to trade camera service.

Engraving - A general term normally applied to any pattern which has been cut in or incised in a surface by hand, mechanical or etching processes.

Envelope die - All steel die to cut envelope.

Estimate - Price that states what a job will probably cost based on initial specifications from customer.

Etch - Using chemicals or tools, to carve away metal leaving an image or carve an image into metal. Also, alternate term for Fountain solution.

Eurobind - A patented method of binding perfect bound books so they will open and lay flatter. See Ota-bind.

Evaporation - The changing from the liquid to the gaseous or vapor state, as the solvent leaves the printed ink film.

Exposure - The step in photographic processes during which light produces the image on the light-sensitive coating.

Exposure time - Time required for light to record an image while striking light-sensitive emulsion.

Extended type - A type whose width is greater than normal.

Extenders - Any material added to an ink to reduce its color strength and/or velocity.

Extrusion - The production of a continuous sheet or film (or other shapes not connected with flexography) by forcing hot thermoplastic material through a dye or orifice.

Extrusion coating - A process whereby paper stock is coated by extrusion, normally plastic such as polyethylene; extrusion laminating.

Eyeletting -