May 2010

Bindagraphics brought home some hardware from PGAMA’s 2010 Excellence in Print competition, and first and foremost we’d like to thank our customers for making that possible. Our customers rely on our attention to quality and our extensive capabilities when planning critical projects. And aren’t they all critical these days? Here’s some detail on the awards we received from the Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic –

We won four Best-of-Category Awards:

PGAMA Finishing Binding Award

Finishing Binding
We produced this kit and its contents for a Philadelphia commercial printer. The project started in our design department, where we custom designed a kit that accomplished the end buyer’s goals, and then we constructed fully-decorated mock-ups with the help of our two CAD tables. With the end-buyer’s approval of the design in hand, we guided our customer on imposition, picked up the printed sheets, bound the plastic coil and stitched books while we die cut and converted the totes, fulfilled the kits, and delivered the job on-time.

PGAMA Impossible Job Award

Impossible Job
We produced this book for a Washington DC map printer. It was a Level 2 GPO job that required an envelope stuffed with maps bulking at ¼” to bind into the book. What made the job “mission impossible” was the requirement that the book have consistent thickness from the spine to face. That meant that the spine of the book had to somehow accommodate the bulgy ¼” thick map-stuffed envelope, while still allowing the end user to pull the maps in and out of the bound-in envelope. We accomplished this by thinking outside the box—we designed a chipboard bind-in stub that mimicked the ¼” map bulk at the spine of the book, and ensured consistent thickness from spine to face. Mission accomplished!

PGAMA Vinyl Binder Award

Vinyl Binder
Our Pack Appeal division produced this vinyl binder for a national pharmaceutical company. Our customer requested a looseleaf binder that “popped.” We designed a vinyl binder that features 4-color process printing on 14-gauge vinyl, with eye-catching graphics. This project demonstrates that, when you combine 4-color process and flexible PVC, you get an extremely durable binder with graphics that “sizzle.”

PGAMA Website Design Award

Website Design
We designed our award-winning website,, in tandem with the re-branding of our looseleaf and packaging division Pack Appeal (formerly Quality Information Packaging, or QIP). Pack Appeal specializes in the design and manufacture of custom paperboard packaging - from rigid set-up boxes and slipcases, to looseleaf binders (turned-edge, vinyl, poly, paper) and mylar index tabs. Pack Appeal's offers buyers a fresh approach to custom specialty packaging, and we designed the website in that spirit - showcasing our product line, Appealing Ideas (our signature newsletter), RSS feed, photo gallery, and company information. Each product page features an interactive coffee table picture viewer centered around the specific product, stimulating the imagination and opening up new design possibilities. Visit today to get your creative juices flowing ...

Printed Media finds a Cure
Cast and Cure (C2) is a decorative coating process that integrates “casting” and “curing” techniques to form a consistent high quality surface that can include ultra high gloss, matte and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates

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Hot and Cold Foil Application moves to
Next Generation
Lithographic cold foil application is beginning to be understood and is starting to capture the imagination of designers and cartonmakers as they begin to see new emerging markets

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project feature
Slipcases offer the ulitmate protection for your books, binders, or showcase product
Slipcases are becoming a popular packaging choice for products where design and material quality are critical factors in closing the sale. Bindagraphics offers slipcase design and high-speed manufacturing capabilities to ensure your brand stands apart from the clutter in the marketplace.

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