February 2006 Edition
…the first trade bindery in the United States to earn ISO 9001:2000 registrations
Bindery Services
Perfect Binding
Layflat Adhesive Binding
PUR Binding
Saddle Stitching
Loop Stitching
Wire-O® Binding
Plastic Coil Binding
Spiral Wire Binding
Plastic Comb Binding
Remoistenable Gluing
-Miniature to Map

Finishing Services
UV Coating
Laminating 1 - 2 Sides
Die Cutting
Foil Stamping
Shrink Wrapping
Jumbo Shrink Wrapping
Hi-Die Cutting
Inline Gluing
Folding Cartons
Presenation Folders

Specialty Services
Magna Stripping
Tin Edging
Step Indexing
Label Aire
Wafer Sealing
Hang Tags
Custom Tabs & Indexes
Blank Index Tabs
Mylar® Reinforcing
Backbone Stripping
Micro-Flute Packaging

Ink Jet Imaging & Electronic Binding
Fixed / Variable Imaging
Selective Pocket
--Cheshire Labels
--Blow-ins & Onserts
-Saddle Stitching
--Inside / Outside
--Target Messaging
USPS Certification
List Sortation

Quality Information Packaging (QIP)
Looseleaf binders
-Turned Edge
Custom Packaging
-CAD/CAM Prototyping
Multimedia Packaging
Game Boards/Pieces
Silk Screen Printing
Pad Holders

New Windowing Equipment…
Bindagraphics now offers windowing capabilities— a great way to allow your customers to view their product. Maximum window size is 12"x14" and maximum blank size is 40". Call for details today!

We’re Proud to Announce…
that Bindagraphics has been awarded the following PGAMA (Print & Graphics Association MidAtlantic) 2006 Quality Awards:

Best of Category:
  • Vinyl Binders
  • Luck Homes Corporation

Best of Category:

  • Die Cutting/Large Press
  • Schmitz Press

Award of Excellence:

  • Stamping and Embossing
  • Automated Graphic Systems

Annual Report Season is Underway

Remember how important it is to preplan and preschedule your annual report jobs. Call us for tips on making your report impressive and on time. Following are a few guidelines we found listing the components of a good annual report: 

  1. The report should contain a succinct, easy-to-understand description of the organization.
  2. The text should be highly readable news about the organization.
  3. The report should contain a favorable identity of the firm.
  4. The CEO of director should present his view of the organization and where it is headed.

Need technical information on just about anything you can think of in the binding and finishing industry? Visit our web site at www.bindagraphics.com!

New Laminating Equipment…

Bindagraphics now has a laminator for mounting litho sheets to all types and weights of board. Maximum sheet size is 40"x43". Call for details!

Please let us know if you wish to be removed from our distribution by calling 800-326-0300 or email remove@bindagraphics.com

A Primer on Bindery Hangers and Backbone Stripping:

What is a Bindery Hanger?  A Bindery hanger is  a carrier used to place an insert (usually a booklet) into a saddle stitched book. The carrier is a short, folded piece of tag stock, to which an insert is attached with removable fugitive glue. The insert can be smaller than the book into which it is bound, or it can be as large as the book and take head, foot, and/or face trims when stitching. As such, it becomes its own 4-page signature that can be positioned anywhere between the other signatures in a saddle stitched book.

What is Backbone Stripping? Backbone stripping provides the same benefits for perfect bound books that bindery hangers do for saddle stitching. Backbone stripping involves attaching a three-quarter-inch wide strip of tag stock to the spine of an insert—leaving a one-half-inch overhang which binds into the publication with the other signatures. This method prevents the finisher from grinding off any of the piece during the binding process and, because it is usually perfed and fugitive glued, allows the end user to remove the piece easily without damaging the book or the insert.

Why use a Bindery Hanger or Backbone Stripping? Bindery hangers and backbone strips provide flexibility to position an insert between any of the signatures in a book. These choices provide more targeted options for getting to the end users most likely to make use of your information. Readers can remove the insert from the saddle stitched or perfect bound book and (hopefully) make a buying decision as a result!

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