March 2005
…the first trade bindery in the United States to earn ISO 9001:2000 registrations
Bindery Services
Perfect Binding
Layflat Adhesive Binding
PUR Binding
Saddle Stitching
Loop Stitching
Wire-O® Binding
Plastic Coil Binding
Spiral Wire Binding
Plastic Comb Binding
Remoistenable Gluing
Quarter Folding
-Miniature to Map

Finishing Services
UV Coating
Die Cutting
Foil Stamping
Shrink Wrapping
Jumbo Shrink Wrapping
Hi-Die Cutting
Horizontal Overwrapping

Specialty Services
Magna Stripping
Tin Edging
Step Indexing
Label Aire
Wafer Sealing
Hang Tags
Custom Tabs & Indexes
Blank Index Tabs
Mylar® Reinforcings

Ink Jet Imaging & Electronic Binding
Fixed / Variable Imaging
Selective Pocket
--Cheshire Labels
--Blow-ins & Onserts
-Saddle Stitching
--Inside / Outside
--Target Messaging
USPS Certification
List Sortation

Quality Information Packaging (QIP)
Looseleaf binders
-Turned Edge
Custom Packaging
-CAD/CAM Prototyping
Game Boards/Pieces
Silk Screen Printing
Pad Holders

Let’s Cut to the Chase

One of the most important aspects of quality finishing is quality paper cutting. Following are tips on how to ensure the best possible cut.

Choosing your knife…there are three basic types:

1. Traditional Steel Knives are the cheapest but also have the shortest life.

2. High-Speed Steel Knives cost more but provide a better quality cut and last longer between sharpenings.

3. Carbide Knives provide a superior cut and last much longer than any of the steel knives. They are also the most expensive and require special equipment to sharpen.

Knife Bevel, Length, and Angles

  • Standard grinding bevels are 23 to 26 degrees but can vary based on the material to be cut.

Knife Maintenance and Safety

  • Keep your knives sharp at all times!
  • Train your cutting machine operators thoroughly—insist they use proper knife handles and knife changing devices and that they follow the manufacturer’s procedures for working and changing knives. One mistake can be disasterous.

Can I Buy Binder Rings in PMS Colors?

While chrome is the most popular finish used on binders—followed by brass, white, and black—keep in mind that there are hundreds of colors available. It’s very possible that we can match your PMS color (or come darn close!). Get your salesperson involved in the planning phase. This allows us time to order the necessary materials and ensures you will get exactly what you want.

Please let us know if you wish to be removed from our distribution by calling 800-326-0300 or email

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Whose Fault is that Anyway?

Bridging the gap between printers and binders/finishers has always been a struggle for us. Sometimes we spend too much time complaining about the myriad problems the printer has inadvertently caused—lack of instructions, no dummies, no rule up, wet ink, poorly folded signatures, job comes in late, no advance notice that a job is coming in—you get the picture. The bottom line is that if we can deal with these issues, charge for additional services as necessary, and produce what our customers want, we can develop relationships with them that hold incredible value. We understand that most printers just want their job done right and delivered on time. They do not want to hear about machinery break downs or what they did wrong or about some other printer’s work that is ahead of theirs. Regardless of the situation, our goal is to do what it takes to make the job happen—and that’s how it should be. And if it is not, please call me, Marty Anson, President, at 1-800-326-0300.

Thank you!!

Phil Pape, from Imtech Graphics in Carlstadt, New Jersey writes, “I just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for your help with the Heritage Book Bindagraphics recently completed. Your availability to come in and review the project, as well as being at the shop when the job arrived, added a comfort level that made the distance between locations irrelevant. Thank you again and I look forward to doing more projects with you in the future.”

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