September 2004
…the first trade bindery in the United States to earn ISO 9001:2000 registrations
Bindery Services
Perfect Binding
Layflat Adhesive Binding
PUR Binding
Saddle Stitching
Loop Stitching
Wire-O® Binding
Plastic Coil Binding
Spiral Wire Binding
Plastic Comb Binding
Remoistenable Gluing
Quarter Folding
-Miniature to Map

Finishing Services
UV Coating
Die Cutting
Foil Stamping
Shrink Wrapping
Jumbo Shrink Wrapping
Hi-Die Cutting
Horizontal Overwrapping

Specialty Services
Magna Stripping
Tin Edging
Step Indexing
Label Aire
Wafer Sealing
Hang Tags
Custom Tabs & Indexes
Blank Index Tabs
Mylar® Reinforcings

Ink Jet Imaging & Electronic Binding
Fixed / Variable Imaging
Selective Pocket
--Cheshire Labels
--Blow-ins & Onserts
-Saddle Stitching
--Inside / Outside
--Target Messaging
USPS Certification
List Sortation

Quality Information Packaging (QIP)
Looseleaf binders
-Turned Edge
Custom Packaging
-CAD/CAM Prototyping
Game Boards/Pieces
Silk Screen Printing
Pad Holders

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining…

Kodak closed its carton printing plant in Rochester, NY and reduced staff by 250 jobs. The work from this plant is now being done by other plants, 2 US, 2 Mexican, and 1 Canadian. The good news is Bindagraphics purchased one of their 50” Bobst foil stampers and a Bobst highspeed blanker die cutter with a run speed of 9000 sheets per hour. Bindagraphics stands ready offering expanded capabilities in stamping, embossing, & die cutting.

Calendar Season is upon us…

From small easel backs to oversized wall hangers. We can produce nearly any type of design. Our state of the art Wire-O® binding can insert wire hangers inline. saving both time and money. A calendar planning tip: Place a thumb notch at the top of each sheet for easy turning around the wire hanger.

*Don't forget about our large sheet collating, oversized shrink-wrapping, and tin edging capabilities when planning your calendar project.

Bindagraphics Featured Item -Spiral Bound Book

People are talking about our spiral binding capabilities. From customer supplied signatures, we UV coated the cover 2 sides, gathered, punched, spiral bound, and shrinkwrapped these books individually.

Quality Information Packaging Featured Item - Slide Resource Center

We manufactured a 3 volume set of Eurohinge turned edge binders. We then designed and manufactured a turned edge box with handle and clasp to hold the 3 binders.


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What You Need to Know About Embossing
By Brian Gebhart
Part 2 of 3

The designer, Bindagraphics, and the engraver should get together at the start of a job.


Single-level Die – An embossing or debossing die that changes the surface of the paper at just one level .

Multi-level Die – A die with a number of distinct levels: can be engraved by machine.

Bevel Edge Die - An embossing die with a precise bevel on the image edge, usually between 30 and 60 degrees the broader the angle the greater the illusion of depth.

Chisel Die - A die with a V-shape formed by 2 bevels without a flat bottom. Most frequently used in debossing.

Sculptured Die - A hard-tooled die which embosses many levels through the use of curves, angles and varying depths.

Stamping Die - Usually photochemically etched magnesium: used for flat foil stamping.

Score Die - Usually brass: used to score/crease the paper in conjunction with embossing or stamping.

Would you like to have a very useful embossing primer at your fingertips?

Visit the “Publications –Nuts and Bolts” section on our website to review "What You Need to Know About Embossing".

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