Bindagraphics May 2004 Newsletter
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Feature Item of the Month - "Euro-Hinge Turned Edge Binder" - The Euro-hinge binder boasts a rounded, segmented spine. It opens easily, with the ring mechanisms mounted to the back cover. It also fits comfortably in a turned-edge slipcase. Please visit our website,, to view a presentation of this item, and many of our other featured items from prior newsletters.

Foil Stamping Technical Tips - When planning foil stamping projects, be certain to:

  • Discuss foil shade and type with your finisher, who can confirm whether your choice will adhere to the stock and remain within the coverage area.
  • When using a rubber-based ink, check to see if a specialty foil is required.
  • If the foil stamping includes elaborate details, ensure that the space between two lines is equal to or wider than half the thickness of the chosen stock.

As always, check with your finisher first to save time and money on your foil-stamping project.

Workplace Ergonomics - The GATF is offering an Ergonomics Training Program package that provides materials to educate employers on print shop specific ergonomics. The goal of the program is to provide printers with specific guidelines on how to recognize, prevent, and significantly reduce ergonomic hazards. When it comes to workforce safety, the bottomline always sides with an ounce of prevention. For more information, contact Gary Jones, manager of the GATF's Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Affairs, at, or Rick Hartwig, GATF's EHS safety specialist at Thanks to the Seattle Bindery for notifying us about this program.

Print Outlook - While the overall economy and corporate profits are still growing, budgets remain tight. Many are concerned about the measurability of communications, as well as the growing number of alternatives to print; however, hope should not be lost, as print is needed to promote the upcoming Olympic games and presidential election. In addition, the Federal Reserve is still positioning interest rates to stimulate the economy and increase consumer confidence in growth. This information is courtesy of a recent Dr. Joe Webb webinar.

Loyalty Schmoyalty - Dick Gorelick, President of the Graphic Arts Sales Foundation (GASF) warns that reliance on customer satisfaction as a barometer of your company's success may be misleading. Why? Because your average customer expects to be satisfied. What is truly important is giving the customer the extra effort that not only brings them back, but also encourages them to refer your company to others. According to a study by Crestwood Associates, a market research company, 65% of satisfied customers continue to seek out other suppliers. Proof that being good enough isn't.

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