Bindagraphics March 2004 Newsletter
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Economic Activity On Rise In January - For the eighth consecutive month, economic activity rose in January. New orders and production remain strong, an indication that manufacturing is experiencing a recovery. Seventeen of the twenty industries reported growth, including printing, publishing, and paper. Commodities that have gone down in price include corrugated cartons and liner board. Meanwhile, advertising revenue was up 10.4% in January compared to January 2003. Industries occupying much of the ad space were drugs and remedies, cosmetics, and home furnishings.

Congratulations, Bill Cowen of Hutchinson-Allgood! - Bill Cowen of Hutchinson-Allgood was drawn as the lucky winner of lunch for up to twenty of his co-workers. If you would like to enter our drawing, please complete and return the customer satisfaction survey card we send at the completion of each job we run. You may be our next winner to receive lunch for up to twenty of your co-workers!

Interesting Fact - The U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving spent $53 million when redesigning the $20 bill. This amount includes $28 million for consumer advertising. It may look different, but we still know how to spend it!

Tin Edging Now Available - We have added some tin edging equipment to our services. Mainly used for calendars, it is also popular for wall charts. Who is going to be our first customer for this popular process? Why, if the job is big enough you may win a trip to Hawaii! Please contact your Sales Service Representative for more information.

Technical Tip: Metal Corners - Placing metal corners on vinyl binders or case bound products adds durability to your product and are esthetically appealing. Metal corners come in various colors and designs, and are an inexpensive way to add more interest to your product.

Feature Item of the Month - This month, we have selected a full concealed Wire-O bound book as our March Feature Item. In addition to its fully concealed 9/16 wire element, this book includes blind debossing on the front and back covers, a converted front cover pocket, and velcro dot closure. To see it is to believe it - please visit our website,, to view this item.

St. Patrick's Day Trivia - St. Patrick was born either in Scotland or Britain - not Ireland - and it is believed his birth name was Maewyn Succat. After years of enslavement in Ireland, he escaped to France and became a priest, using the name Patrick. He returned to Ireland as a missionary at 60 years of age. He died on March 17, 461 AD.

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