Bindagraphics June 2004 Newsletter
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Pre-flighting - An Ounce of Prevention - Would you like to have a finisher who has invested in a proactive program designed to prevent expensive and time-consuming problems? Does it make sense to eliminate downtime by not having finishing operators dealing with unforeseen problems on the production floor? Would you benefit from being called within a few hours after your job arrives alerting you of any potential manufacturing problems and helping you keep your critical schedules? If you would like to read about our preflight program and potential benefits to your customers, check the publication section of our web site at for "Preflight - How Did We Live Without It"?

Featured Item, Bindagraphics - Game Box - This month we have chosen a game box. We spot UV coated, foil stamped, embossed, die-cut, stripped and partially converted. If you are looking for something extra to offer your customers please check the many finishing offerings in our online company presentation at

Utilizing Contrast Between Matte and Gloss Laminates to Create a 3-D Look - We've all seen that eye-popping cover with a 3-D look and wondered how it was produced. A combination of film and UV coating can create a highly successful piece, and Bindagraphics can guide you through the complexity of working with these finishes. Film laminates come in three types: nylon, polyester, and polypropylene -- and three finishes: matte, satin, and gloss. Nylon delustered matte films work best with spot UV coating because of the contrast between the dull film and the gloss UV, in addition to adherence qualities of the UV to the nylon film. Normally, matte film laminates are applied as a base. Gloss UV coating is then spot applied over the matte film. For more information, read "The Basics of Film Laminating" on our web site at and "Puttin' on the Gloss" at Then contact your Bindagraphics rep to plan your next job!

Postal Reform - Printing's Most Critical Issue - 47% of everything printed in the US goes through the Postal Service at some point. Studies show that every 5% increase in postage rates results in a decrease of 1.175 billion pieces of mail and a loss of 52,000 jobs in the private sector. The USPS will press for an 11% increase in 2006, and will need escalating rates thereafter unless the system is reformed. Please check the Printing and Imaging Industry of Maryland web site at for a complete article.

Featured Item, Quality Information Packaging - Curriculum Briefcase - … a polypropylene curriculum briefcase with convenient handles and closures. This package is ideal for organizations wishing to present a highly professional image while providing a practical means of storing information. From design through production, this entire project was manufactured under one roof. is an invaluable source for packaging ideas.

The Over/Under Debate - Printbuyers Online ran a recent ‘Letter to the Editor’ questioning the practice of printers charging for overruns. According to trade customs, the standard over/under percentage is 10% of the quantity ordered. The provider should bill for the actual quantity delivered within this tolerance. While charging for overruns and giving credit for under-runs has been an industry practice, it's critical to negotiate the over/under terms at the outset of a job to avoid misunderstanding later. Because margin for error is so slim in this business, communicating up front can save hassle in the short term and may save relationships in the long term. For more, visit:

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