December 2004
…the first trade bindery in the United States to earn ISO 9001:2000 registrations
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Quarter Folding
-Miniature to Map

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Mylar® Reinforcings

Ink Jet Imaging & Electronic Binding
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-Saddle Stitching
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Quality Information Packaging (QIP)
Looseleaf binders
-Turned Edge
Custom Packaging
-CAD/CAM Prototyping
Game Boards/Pieces
Silk Screen Printing
Pad Holders

Here We Grow Again… Bindagraphics recently purchased a Bobst Media Folder/Gluer with back folding ability giving us additional high speed in-line folding and gluing capabilities. It’s a great addition to recent purchases of a Bobst 50" Foil Stamper and a Bobst High Speed Blanker/Die Cutter (9000 sheets-per-hour run speed). Bindagraphics stands ready offering expanded capabilities in folding, gluing, stamping, embossing, & die cutting.

Point of Purchase Professionals - Experience has taught us that product end-use should be considered before any p-o-p project is started, and is key in determining types of backing, easel, glue, substrate and laminate to be used. A display destined for a high traffic fast food restaurant is designed to repel dirt and grease, while a display to be placed in bright lighting can be finished to cut glare or be quite radiant depending on desired results. Substrates and glues can be a sticky subject. Glass, paper, and plastic require very different adhesives while an easel or a hanging mobile would certainly be made of different substrates. Inks and printability … (visit our website for the full story – Point of Purchase 64,000 Questions)

Quality Information Packaging Featured Item – This eye catching project started with customer furnished wraps. We constructed 6 turned edge binders with varyng capacities, having to align all spines to create a continuous image. A 30” corrugated box was created as a case for the entire set, with a printed litho sheet applied to the ends of the carton to further enhance the project A 7th companion turned edge binder was also produced as part of this set. - Curriculum Binder Set with Box

Bindagraphics Welcomes Our New Sales Manager:
Norm Eiring

Please let us know if you wish to be removed from our distribution by calling 800-326-0300 or email

What You Need to Know About Embossing
By Brian Gebhart
Part 3 of 3

The designer, Bindagraphics, and the engraver should get together at the start of a job.

What Dies Are Made of...

Brass - Because of its workability and durability, brass is the metal of choice for most sophisticated embossing jobs. Brass dies usually require hand tooling. The cost is normally higher than copper or magnesium.

Copper - Can be photo-chemically etched and is relatively durable, reflects detail very well, so copper is a good choice for long run foil stamping at a moderate cost. Copper is not often used for embossing.

Magnesium - Can be photochemically etched and is less expensive than brass or copper, but can't achieve the detail and precision of a complex brass die. Magnesium dies are used for both embossing and foil stamping (almost always with flat foil stamping)

Would you like to have a very useful embossing primer at your fingertips?

Visit the “Publications –Nuts and Bolts” section on our website to review "What You Need to Know About Embossing".

Bindagraphics Featured Item - A 12 page plus cover saddle stitch book with a triangular foldout of the back cover that wraps the face of the book and spot glues to the front cover. After we die cut & fold then comes the fun part – stitching with cover flap extended, folding flap onto front cover & sealing with a spot of glue. The die cut flap had matching crossovers with the front cover. - Diecut Coupon Mailer

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